WebondTechnology HK Limited. was established in 2006, which is scientific and technological company providing research & development, manufacturing, processing services and refined solutions to domestic and foreign enterprises. Our services include one-stop PCB assembly, SMT patch, DIP and precision electronic product development, product testing, sample testing, aging testing, packaging and so on. Our max assembly capacity is SMT830 million points, DIP 1 million points. Fineboard Electronics Ltd. passed the ISO9001 quality management system and has being in accordance with IPC-610-F electronic assembly acceptance standards for production. We implement strict process management and build standard IQC, IPQC, OQA and other quality control system. We focus on electronics manufacturing and are experienced in electronic product development, production, circuit design, chip processing, program firing, PCB assembly functional testing and so on. Choice us and we provide you perfect ODM and OEM solutions.

We provide product assembly (Box Building) service according to the customer's product design, from PCB and related molds and accessories and

carry out FCT function test to provide customers with complete ODM solution.

ODM Product Solution Process:

1, Feasibility analysis for the technical, the underlying application and the mold.

2, Schedule the test and production plans.

3, Submitted to the program proposal, including the overall progress of the project, the specific implementation of the program, cycle and cost estimates and other aspects of information.

4, Schedule the hardware development: circuit diagram design, PCB circuit and shape design, sample processing and other links.

5, Schedule the software development: the design of customer UI, driver debugging, application development and debugging.

6, Schedule the mold development: through CAD, 3D works build product outline, make sample and debugging.

7, Test the sample stage: the results of the integration of technical samples, functional, stability testing.

8, Small batch stage: implement the customer acceptance test (UAT), through the actual use of the function, the application of feedback to return to change, tend to improve.

9,Mass production.

10, File all the project technical documentation.

We will set up a special project manager who is responsible for pretechnical needs to discuss, archive, midterm Beta test, proofing, regression modification, stereotypes, bulk and other fullstage control, according to project expectations timetable implementation, to track your ODM and OEM foundry projects. To provide you with the satisfaction of electronic products ODM and OEM services, and strictly control the quality of the entire PCBA process.

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